All about plastic

Plastic is an important and commonly used material. In fact, the many uses of plastic help to solve many problems and needs in society today. However, there are a number of global problems associated with plastic, which is why our goal is to work towards increased understanding of sustainable plastic use. To contribute to a better understanding of sustainable plastic use, we have created this page where you can find information on the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic, how it can be made more sustainable, and its effects on the environment.

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As we explained in the first article in this series, plastics are usually made up of three or four molecules called polymers. These are long chains made up of smaller molecules, called monomers. In this article, we want to answer the question: how is plastic made? We will go… Read More

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To contribute to a better understanding of the sustainable use of plastics, we have created this page to answer the question: what are the different types of plastics? This post is part of a series of articles where we also describe the pros and cons of using plastic, how it… Read More