It’s important to display your product in a functional and sales-oriented way. We specialize in tailoring solutions in any material, including display stands, depending on the purpose and use, and guide you in the right direction.

Ösönerplast has extensive knowledge of several interior and display solutions. We work in the most available plastic materials including environmentally friendly recyclable alternatives. We also help you to solve your display needs, so that you as a customer can feel secure with a total solution for your display needs.

What is a product display stand and in which areas is it suitable?

A product display stand is something that highlights your goods or products to increase sales of your products. Point of Sale or POS is an important part of communication with customers and it is important to have that little extra to be seen well. It is important to expose the product in a good and creative way so that it stands out in the crowd on all communication that is available in grocery stores and specialty chains, etc.


Can I use any material I want?

The short and simple answer is yes. We manufacture product display stands not only in plastic (such as acrylic, PET, ABS or PS) but can choose materials according to your specific requirements. Examples of materials for product displays other than plastic include wood, metal or cardboard.