Cardboard inlays, inserts or tray provide a good product fixation while saving time in packing as they do not require any assembly.

Depending on the product, we manufacture these in different thicknesses, materials and colours. In addition to its use in packaging, vacuum-formed interiors also work well for displays to expose the product to consumers.

Coloured or uncoloured

Vacuum and thermoformed plastic tray are also called inserts. These are available in different colors, but transparent, white and black are the most common.


What material is used?

The main material used in these blisters is A-PET. It is available both as virgin – NEW PET and as recycled PET, R-PET.


We can also produce in PS (polystyrene) and PETG.


For circuit board and electronics sensitive products, we can produce ESD blisters in ESD treated material that will not destroy or collect dust.
Biodolomers are a relatively new material that is made from renewable raw materials and is compostable.


The materials are food approved.