What is Plexiglas?

Plexiglas is an excellent plastic material for laser cutting and hot stamping, and it can also be milled and engraved. The possibilities for designing and manufacturing display materials and small pieces of furniture are endless. When making cubes and boxes, for example, it is a material that is easy to join with glue. (e.g. Akrifix)

Picture of sign in plexiglass - Ösönerplast

Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), colloquially acrylic resin, is an amorphous thermoplastic also known by the trade names BonoplexPerspex and Plexiglas.

PMMA is used as a substitute for glass. Because it is an amorphous so it is, without additives, transparent, but can easily be coloured.
Acrylic plastic is a versatile material that is popular with many due to its high transparency, impact resistance and UV stability.

Acrylic sheets are produced in two different ways: acrylic XT is produced in an extruder and acrylic GS is cast between two sheets of glass. Basically, acrylic plastic is completely colourless but it can be dyed to an infinite variety of colours. Acrylic is also recyclable.


Plexiglas and acrylic plastic are actually the same thing, but the PLEXIGLAS® brand has grown so strong that many people refer to acrylic plastic or plastic sheets as just that. PLEXIGLAS® is produced by the German manufacturer Röhm.


  • Acrylic sheets and PLEXIGLAS® are available in a variety of properties and finishes
  • High transparency and optical clarity
  • Acrylic sheets available with light conducting properties – ideal for signage and lighting
  • Versatile material that is easy to process
  • High impact resistance and UV protection
  • Easy to machine with laser and mill

Recycled Acrylic

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra is an extruded acrylic sheet made from 90% recycled raw material. The material is available in clear or black sheets and invites limitless design possibilities.

Thanks to the high proportion of recycled raw material, PLEXIGLAS® proTerra is particularly suitable for shop fittings, furniture and display constructions, which have special requirements in terms of durability. The boards are of very high quality and easy to process.

PLEXIGLAS® proTerra has the same high light transmission (92% for clear sheets), processing and application possibilities as an acrylic produced from virgin raw material. The sheets are made from waste material from PLEXIGLAS® Original sheets. The recycled material forms the core of the board and is produced by co-extruding*. The surfaces are then covered with acrylic from virgin raw materials.


  • Made from 90% recycled material
  • Highly weather and age resistant
  • 11 times more impact resistant and half the weight of glass
  • Easy to process
  • 100% recyclable

Frequently asked questions about Plexiglas

How to cut plexiglass?

It is possible to cut the boards, but it is better to order it in size as our dimensions meet your specifications.

Is it possible to recycle acrylic plastic?

Acrylic is recyclable, but it’s not biodegradable so the recycling process isn’t as simple as just putting it in your recycling bin. But it can be cut into smaller pieces and reused to form other products.

Can I clean acrylic glass?

We recommend using warm water and a soft cotton cloth. Any chemical cleaner is likely to damage the acrylic, so just avoid them.

How flexible is acrylic?

Acrylic tends to be more flexible than glass and will bend under relatively low pressure. Thinner acrylic pieces are more prone to bending than thicker ones. If you overcoat the acrylic, it may crack or break. For this reason we can do the bending for you, please email us with your specific requirements and we will help you accordingly.

Is acrylic better than glass?

Acrylic is 10 times stronger than glass and about half the weight of glass. Because acrylic is lighter than glass, it is easier to transport and safer. If it breaks, it will not crack in the same way as glass. It would not be broken into small, sharp shards but into a few larger, easy-to-pick-up pieces. This makes acrylic ideal for situations where safety is paramount. Acrylic is also brighter than glass and actually emits more light than glass.

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