Tray for foods such as chicken, minced meat, fish and sausages

Food trays from Ösöner are made from A-pet/R-pet, and contain 85% recycled food grade plastic. PET has several advantages, both for food, such as increased sustainability and food safety, and as a raw material. Its value as a raw material is based on its versatility and ability to be recycled for use in new food packaging. This makes PET one of the most sustainable and circular materials available for rigid food packaging today.

Now the Swedish transparent PET trays can be recycled by Svensk Plaståtervinning in Motala.
A basic prerequisite for the recycling of the material is still that the consumer recycles and delivers it to the packaging collection (FTI), from where it is delivered to the plant in Motala.

Ösönerplast offers several different trays as standard but we can also customize trays according to your unique requirements.

All the waste from our production goes back to the factory that makes the plastic, where it is ground down and turned into new plastic.
We at Ösöner think this is circular and good.

Island sons offer:

  • Made in Sweden
  • 85% recycled rPet
  • Fast deliveries

Read more about our plastic packaging manufacturing process here: