Plastic packaging is a broad concept. We develop, manufacture and sell various solutions where the product is the focus.

Folding blister packs are one of the most common types of plastic packaging on the market. It is easy to open and close and gives the product a high focus.


Eco-blister is a climate-smart packaging that consists of a cardboard card folded over a plastic bubble. On the inside there is an adhesive that seals the whole package and allows you to pack by hand. You can also put a blister coating on the inside that allows you to seal the package by machine. The bubble is made of R-PET which is both recycled and recyclable.

Manufacture of blister packaging

We vacuum form our packaging in the latest Illig machine on the market, which is both fast and of very high quality.


The different packaging can have many different names, e.g. clamshell, blister, folded blister and PET packaging.


What material is used?

The main material used in packaging is A-PET. It is available both as virgin – NEW PET and as recycled PET, R-PET.


We can also produce in PS (polystyrene) and PETG.


Biodolomers are a relatively new material that is made from renewable raw materials and is compostable.
The materials are food approved.