Our contribution to sustainable development

We aim to continue to map our work and identify risks and opportunities from a sustainability perspective for future sustainability work. Among the Global Goals towards the 2030 Agenda, Ösönerplast has the following sub-goals.


Circularity & resource efficiency

We develop and invest in smart circular solutions to reduce waste and consume fewer resources while creating value for more people. We do this by highlighting the unique properties of plastics and their circular potential. We both take and give in the circular cycle and create business opportunities from material flows. We move customers towards more sustainable choices and are part of a circular solution that reduces waste and increases circularity.



Raising awareness and skills

We want to educate and raise awareness among customers and consumers with fact-based information about the benefits of plastics so that they are well-informed about their responsibilities and empowered to make sustainable choices. We are at the forefront of the market and our offer stands out from our competitors. We provide information on the production conditions, quality and circularity of the product and highlight concrete customer cases from our operations where plastic is a sustainable choice.



Saving the earth’s resources

We want to contribute to a better world and be responsible for the climate. We do this by proactively searching for more sustainable materials that increase longevity, enable recycling and thereby save the earth’s resources. Until new climate-smart solutions can be fully implemented, we must continuously work to influence customer choices. Ösönerplast is a sustainable partner.



Focus on employee health

Our people are our most important resource. We want to be a place where people feel good and develop. We believe that responsibility breeds commitment and we build a healthy business based on trust and competence that shines through to our customers. We become a workplace for the future, attracting the right people where the team creates growth.



Sustainable throughout the chain

We want to promote a sustainable value chain as far as we can. Our products are produced under good & fair conditions both at our facilities and by our suppliers. We inform our suppliers about our Code of Conduct and ensure understanding and compliance. We create customer and consumer awareness by sharing our knowledge and experience. We take responsibility for the entire life of our product.


Quality policy

Environmental policy