At Ösönerplast AB, we do not process plastics according to any standard models. For us, your product is more important than that.

So important that we simply create new tailor-made solutions for the individual product, specifically designed for your needs and circumstances. Frank Österberg founded Ösönerplast AB in 1966. At that time, the business consisted of vacuum forming, hot bending and a large part of hand processing.Today, we offer flexible solutions in the choice of plastic product.

Own machinery enables products for customers in various industries.

With our unique ability to combine our machinery, we are a problem solver in every situation. We have mastered, among other things. vacuum forming, hot bending, laser cutting, milling, tube making, punching, and packing and distribution. There are many different plastic materials. In the search for the right plastic material, Ösönerplast AB is a competent guide with its many years of experience in the plastics industry. Environmental and recycling issues are a natural part of our daily work.


Our customers are companies involved in product or message exposure, packaging products or needing plastic components for their production.


Simply put, those who want to expose their product to the consumer with a package or display are our most common customer group, but also if you need a plastic component or plastic detail that protects or facilitates handling in industry.


Companies that place demands on us as a supplier where environmental compatibility, delivery reliability and a high level of service are self-evident messages.


With our three specialisations Packaging, Display Materials and Plastic Components, we always have a solution to suit your needs. After 55 years in the business, we look forward to new challenges.


The production takes place in our own factory in Borås, welcome to visit us and we will tell you more about our offer.