Processing methods

Over the years, Ösönerplast has built up a broad and modern machine park. It is important for us to always use the latest technology to keep up with developments.

We master most of the processing methods for thermoplastics. Our machinery enables products for customers in various industries. With our unique ability to combine our machinery, we are a problem solver in every situation.


We have mastered, among other things. vacuum forming, hot bending, laser cutting and milling. We also have a 3D printer for the production of prototype carbon fibre tools. Read more about our machinery and capabilities below.

Vacuum forming

Ösönerplast uses vacuum forming machines from German company Illig. We can vacuum form most thermoplastics in several different material thicknesses. In the production of plastic packaging, we usually use PET plastic (A-pet, R-pet or BIO-pet). Our vacuum forming machine fleet includes RV53d, RV53b, UA100 and SB53.

Laser cutting

Acrylic (Plexiglas/PMMA) is a good material for laser cutting. The acrylic is available in a variety of colours with glossy or frosted surfaces. We also have recycled acrylic to offer. The maximum cutting area is 1200×1300 mm.

CNC milling

Our CNC milling machine can process most thermoplastics such as acrylic, PS, polycarbonate, POM, bakelite etc., we can also process metal and wood. The maximum cutting area is 1250×2500 mm.

Hot bending

We have several different hot bending machines to choose from, depending on the plastic material and thickness. We master sharp bends with direct heat and large radius bends.


It is possible to glue most plastics but it is important to choose the right glue. Acrylic is a common material to glue when making plexi/acrylic boxes, for example.

Tube manufacturing

We manufacture transparent plastic tubes with diameters of 30 – 150 mm, length according to your requirements. The tubes are supplied with white or coloured caps.


When processing plastics, some form of assembly is often involved, whether two pieces of plastic are to be assembled or, for example, a component from the customer is to be included in the final product.


Several plastics can be punched, such as PP, PET or PVC. We design the die-cut according to your wishes.

Design and CAD drawing

When we start up a new project, it’s helpful to start with a 3D drawing of the product or mould to be manufactured, where we can present a rotatable 3D drawing to show what the end result will look like. We use the latest version of Solid Works.

Packing and distribution

As a final step in production, some form of packaging is usually added, we can pack the plastic products individually or deliver in bulk. Ösönerplast can also offer distribution to the sales force or end users.