Our Code of Conduct

Ösönerplast AB’s Code of Conduct provides guidance on how to put our business principles and values into practice.

The Code of Conduct is an ethical compass, which must be followed by all employees in the company, regardless of their workplace or job function. It also applies to members of the Board of Directors and persons involved in Ösönerplast’s activities through contracts or agreements. It also shows what we expect from our suppliers.

We respect human rights

  • We treat all people fairly, with dignity and respect.
  • We do not discriminate based on e.g. gender, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political opinion, social background or ethnic origin.
  • We respect the right of all employees to organise.
  • We do not accept child labour, illegal labour or forced labour.


We create good working conditions

  • We have a zero-accident vision and do not compromise on health and safety in the workplace.
  • We work preventively to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries at work.


We follow good business ethics

  • We never offer gifts, benefits or payments that may influence, or be perceived to influence, the objectivity of the recipient’s decision or that violate laws and/or local customs.
  • We do not accept gifts, benefits or payments that may affect, or be perceived to affect, the objectivity of our decisions or that violate laws and/or local customs.
  • We avoid situations where loyalty to the company may conflict with personal interests.


We are committed to environmental issues

  • We work with long-term goals to reduce the company’s environmental impact.
  • We conserve energy, water, materials and other natural resources and strive to increase the use of renewable materials.
  • We contribute with our knowledge to make our customers’ products more environmentally friendly.


We will always deliver the right quality

  • We will always meet our customers’ requirements, needs and expectations by delivering products of the right quality.
  • We work with continuous improvement.
  • We carry out regular evaluations of quality work through measurements, recording of deviations.