As a manufacturer of thermoplastic packaging and display materials, we always try to protect the working environment and the external environment. Always striving to improve in each area.

Our reputation is built on our performance, our ability to work together, our resources and, above all, our attitude to quality, the environment and the working environment in different contexts.

Ösönerplast will work with the environment by:

Inform and educate us on alternative materials and energy efficient production.

Promote energy saving measures.

Sort and dispose of production waste in the best possible way.

Work with recycled materials as often as possible. (e.g. recycled PET)

Source-separate household waste.

Work towards environmentally friendly operations as far as economically possible.

We will meet all regulatory requirements by a wide margin.

Together with customers, suppliers and employees, we continuously improve our business.

Employees are given the opportunity to influence their working environment.

The working premises must create a pleasant environment for the employees.

Through cooperation with Boråshälsan/Avonova, promote a good working environment.

All machines are maintained on a rolling schedule.

Peripheral equipment and aids are chosen with the environment in mind.

All employees shall be informed and trained in environmental